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Player Name: Allen
Plurk Handle: radioactivearachnid
Other characters: Hiccup

Character Name: Barry Allen
Fandom: The Flash (TV Series)
Character Journal: [personal profile] rushing_by
OU, AU, or OC?
If canon, canon point: S3E5 Monster
Grant Gustin
Superhero Name:
The Flash


The above link cuts off before Magenta, The New Rogues, and Monster. In the former episode, Barry went on his first date with Iris, encountered another Metahuman granted powers by Alchemy, and eventually managed to stop her from destroying the hospital by talking her down, with some assistance from Jesse. In the latter, he began training Jesse in the use of her speed powers, fought Mirror Master and the Top, was trapped in a mirror and, unknown to him, had some help being freed from Caitlin. He also struck up a partnership with yet another version of Harrison Wells, after Jesse and Harry returned to Earth 2. While trying to stop what appeared to be a giant monster, but turned out to be a hologram, Barry eventually managed to start to get on the right foot with Julian Albert. Barry and Cisco also discovered that the new Wells had been lying to them and was not actually a scientist like the previous versions.(Please keep this under 1000 words.)

Additional OC and AU Background: N/A

Personality: Barry is a highly intelligent, friendly, young man who tends to see the best in people, barring those like Thawne and Zoom who have managed to push him too far. He's prone to bouts of naivety, although the latter is mostly due to his age and lack of experience. He cares deeply about his family, with the Wests and the S.T.A.R. Labs group both falling under that banner. In fact, a very large part of why he became a CSI was to prove his father's innocence, and his loss was what caused Barry to snap and attempt to alter time to his own detriment. He makes mistakes, many of them emotionally fueled, but makes an effort to learn from them. He takes constructive criticism to heart, uses it, and passes it on when he feels someone else could make just as much used of it as he can, as in the case of him using Oliver's advice to case new environments and later passing on that advice to Jessie. Because of his mistakes, plus a good does of awkwardness, he's not always 100% percent sure of himself, both in a fight or in social situations. The former, he's improving on, but the latter still needs work.

He loves to goof around with his friends, and will even let them drag him out of his comfort zone fairly easily.

He's prone to bouts of naivety, due to his native optimism, and in parts his lack of experience. This has been used against him more than once, most notably by Leonard Snart when Barry sought out his assistance in transferring metahuman prisoners out of the temporary prison under S.T.A.R. Labs.

Speaking of the metahuman prison, Barry can occasionally make some extremely questionable decisions if he doesn't see any viable alternatives. While, for the most part (with the unfortunate exceptions of Girder and the Turtle) the prisoners were treated well, the prison was still highly illegalm and it was months before Cisco helped construct the containment cells at Iron Heights. He's also been known to kill if there aren't any other options, specifically seen with Earth-2 Al Rothstein, Earth-2 Eddie Slick, and Zoom.

He's been more-or-less in love with Iris West since they were kids, though for a time backed off from attempting to start a relationship with her, briefly dating Linda Park and Patty Spivot, before he and Iris were both on the same page regarding their relationship.

He is rarely out of his element when dealing with scientific concepts, or when just geeking out in general. While not quite having Cisco's mechanical genius, Caitlin's medical genius, or Wells's knowledge of physics, he has more than enough knowledge of various scientific concepts to keep up with them in discussions and throw in his own suggestions.

Occasionally, he can be slow to trust someone enturely. Thawne and Zoom's betrayals weigh heavily on him, though not enough for him to have given up on trusting people entirely. That said, those trust issues tend to go into overdrive around versions of Harrison Wells, those he did eventually come to call the Earth-2 version of Wells a friend, and time will tell with the Earth-19 version.

He can be occasionally too quick to use time travel as a solution to a problem, although a recent talk with the real Jay Garrick may see this tendency going away for the most part.

Canon Powers: Barry is a conduit for the Speed Force. Primarily, this gives him the ability of superspeed, along with a whole host of connected abilities, including super-fast healing, a super-fast metabolism, the ability to vibrate his body up to the point where he can phase through solid objects. He can create speed mirages, moving fast enough to create the illusion of being in multiple places at once. His reaction time and perceptions can be sped up, even to the point of being able to learn highly complex science at superspeed, although in that specific case he tends to lose that knowledge not long after he gains it. He can produce large amounts of wind by rotating his arms at superspeed, and can even create or stop tornadoes. H can use the lightning that's produced when he runs as a projectile weapon. He can punch people with superhuman force at superspeed without causing himself injury to his arms.

Perhaps the most dangerous of his powers is the ability to time travel. He can even use this ability to create duplicates of himself called time remnants, although he hesitates to use this power as it tends to attract the attention of Time Wraiths. At the right vibrational frequency he can even punch through to alternate realities, although the only time this has happened without an already existing breach to work with was completely by accident.

Game powers: Speed Force Conduit: Largely the same as above, but limited to superspeed, superhealing, supermetabolism, superreflexes and perception, basic aerokinetic abilities caused by superspeed, speed mirages, supersonic punches, and speedreading.

Singing, decent sketch-artist, expert-level forensic investigator, skilled engineer (While not quite on Cisco's level, during the Supergirl crossover he was shown to be capable of recreating some of Cisco's inventions while unable to contact him.), Sopeed Force knowledge (I hesitate to call this expertise as their are people who know much more about the Speed Force than he does.), and expert-level computer skills.

Setting: Weirded out, especially by all the differences between the history of his reality and this one. He'll probably relish the chance to get more skilled at using his abilities and at crimefighting in general. He'll also be determined to help rescue the missing Legionnaires if it's at all possible. XS might not really be his granddaughter, but alternate reality family is still family.


Prose Sample: 200 word minimum. You may use a test drive thread, use the following prompt, or make up your own. Links to RP samples at other games are not accepted, you must either use a Test Drive thread or write up a new prompt, but you may use samples at other games to supplement your samples. If your character is a quiet character, introspection or inner monologue is fine.

Your character is with the team at a fancy diplomatic party and a UP dignitary (Coluan, naturally, because man, that whole planet seems to be chock fill of arrogant dicks) has called into question the character's ability to be a Legionnaire and whether or not they, some weirdo interdimensional stranger, have the personal character to help protect the United Planets. How do they respond?

"He's the Flash!" piped up one of the other dignitaries in Barry's defense. Several others murmured agreement, before Barry coughed,, calling attention back to himself.

"Actually, I think that was a valid question. Maybe not the most polite way of going about it though." He shrugged the rudeness of the question off. He'd spent months dealing with Harry, he could handle someone being kind of a dick.

"Yes, I'm the Flash. But I'm not the Flash from this reality." Maybe if he had been more like this Universe's Barry, his father would still be alive. He couldn't dwell on that though. All he could do was move forward.

"I've only been the Flash in mine for a couple of years now. I'm still learning. so I can't promise I won't make mistakes or be ready for everything that gets thrown at me. All I can do is try to keep those mistakes to a minimum and learn from the ones I do make."

"Let us hope the mistakes you make do not end up being too costly, then," said the Coluan said, before walking off haughtily.

"Pay him no mind young man," said the dignitary who'd originally spoken up in his defense, "The Coluans are less than sociable, to put it delicately."

"He has a right to worry," Barry replied, resolving to do better and be better than before. "I'll just have to work hard to make sure he doesn't have anything to worry about."

Network Sample: 200 word minimum. You may use the following prompt, or make up your own. Links to RP samples at other games are not accepted, you must write up a new prompt, but you may use samples at other games to supplement your samples. Since the test drives rarely use network format, you cannot use a test drive thread for the network sample, only the prose sample. If your character is a quiet character, introspection or inner monologue is fine.

Welcome to the Legion, rookie. As a way of helping your character cope with their circumstances and have an optimistic outlook towards the future, the existing Legionnaires want them to record a message to their future self with their thoughts on their current situation, what they hope to accomplish in their time with the Legion, and the first thing they want to do when they get sent safely home or to the dimension of their choice.

The future huh? Never thought I'd end up here. Although, if you think about it, we're always traveling to the future, and the fact that I can go to the past is slightly more impressive.

Kind of got off track there for bit. Its not even like this my future. It's Earth 20's. [Yes, he was going to call it Earth 20 until he had a reason to do otherwise.}

Anyways, things to keep in mind Future Barry: Remember this in the entirety of reality we're talking about here. As much work as we have waiting for us back home, this more important. I already miss Iris, Joe, Cisco, Caitlin, Wally everybody, so I can only imagine how much worse it is for you, but we need to keep in mind that if this Chronoblivion thing wins there won't be anything to back to, or an us to go back to it.

Also? Remember to learn anything and everything you can. Not just speed, but science too. The Temporal Prime Directive isn't a thing here, if it ever was because we're not from this timeline, so taking future science back home with us isn't going to be an issue.

Oh, and make sure to find out the recipe for those weird ice cream flavors they have here, because they are awesome and I need to find a way for everyone back home to taste them. I think that was everything I had to say. If I end up thinking of anything later, you probably already know about it.


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